'Narrating emergent futures'


To intervene in societies, we have to learn to reinvent

We live in a world of cultures, where a mixture of beliefs, values, and symbols rule how societies work. To intervene in cultures, we have to learn to reinvent those beliefs, values, and logos through a universal language. A way of communication that can break paradigms and still be coherent with the world we live in. Throughout this week, we discussed the current cultures, subcultures, and countercultures that define today's society, and together with the weak signals, we will be able to explain our line of work and future intervention.

We were asked to explain the signals/parameters of our intervention, describe the journey we wanted to take, and start using tools for presenting our project. At first, it was tough to explain what I thought about the signals I chose. I sometimes think that because people are in the same conversation can have kind of the same idea of the theme. Still, after talking to some of my classmates, I realized people with the same signals, understood things completely different.

The cultures where we grow up define our mentality. Our experiences shape it, and even though we encounter people who kind of have shared the same circumstances, without a common base or communication, we won't be able to transfer our concerns.

For this reason, I had to give a general context before entering into my main objective. I needed to translate ideas into "global" things, for example: news, movies, or books. By putting experiences into a common ground, I was able to share and made me understand.


What did I learn?
I learned new concepts, new ways of approaching communication, skills used, and the importance of documenting (I sometimes forget to take pictures, write down ideas, doubts, or intrigues). On the other hand, not only is the content relevant but also how you make it visible: colors, typography, paragraph styles, hierarchies. Communication is essential! If we want to make our projects visible, we have to learn how to make them attractive.

Learning process?
  • Discuss critical factors for developing ideas
  • Analyze, ask, and reflect the best examples of communication
  • Try and find the best way possible to communicate my ideas. Do I need a punch line as to when writing the text? A quote for setting a theme since the beginning? A question to unstable the ground?